Men’s Style: How to Dress Down a Suit

Just because a suit is usually considered formalwear, it doesn’t mean that it has to be reserved for special events. We’re here to help you get the most out of your suits so you can wear them for every occasion. Here’s five ways to dress down your suit.
Instead of just waiting to wear your suit for the odd black tie event or wedding, give your suit a fashion-forward spin by adding chic separates and accessories. Add a little street smart to your formal getup and stand out for all the right reasons with our top tips.
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5 Shirts Every Man Must Have

With London Fashion Week Men’s in full swing, it’s only right to amp up your wardrobe with the essential shirts you need in your wardrobe.

Throughout history, the English gentleman has been famed for his crisp white shirt, exquisitely shined shoes and a cut of a suit, so fine, it would be suited to the King himself. T.M Lewin, experts in tailoring since the late 1800’s share their top five shirts every man should have in his wardrobe this Spring/Summer…
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Men’s Style: How to Dress for Your Body Shape

Whether you’re stick-thin, slightly round-bellied or ripped, you can look comfortable, stylish, and suave everyday when you know how to dress for your body shape. Here’s our guide to truly savvy dressing…

People come in all shapes and sizes, but getting dressed is much easier when you know the pieces that work best for your shape. For men especially, the way your clothes fit determines how good your outfit looks. The better the fit, the more comfortable your clothes feel, and knowing how to dress for your body shape is the perfect way to transform your wardrobe.
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How to Dress for an Interview

New Year New Job? Whether you’ve just started the post-grad job hunt or you’re looking for your next step on the career ladder, there’s no denying that first impressions count. Dress for success in style with our guide to nailing that interview outfit, regardless of your industry.

Sometimes, planning your interview outfit can be the most stressful part of the whole job seeking process. It’s hard to know what to wear; wearing a suit to a creative job interview can be deemed too formal while wearing a colourful outfit in the corporate sector can seem too relaxed. Ace your next interview and learn how to dress appropriately for your dream job with our top tips.
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