instagram-worthy spas in London

Top 7 Affordable Instagram-worthy Spas in London

Of course, a spa break is to help you relax, recharge and refresh. You’re there to indulge in uninterrupted relaxation – phones off! But if the spa has pool with chandeliers, or an underwater music system, or an ice fountain, it would be rude not to take a snap for Instagram.

With National Spa Week approaching, we’ve brought together a selection of some of the best and affordable Instagrammable spas in London.

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Buzzin’ Beauty – How Bee Products can Improve your Wellness

Queen Bey’s recent Instagram post, revealing her pregnancy with twins, has sparked numerous memes across the internet including what Blue’s new siblings’ names will be (shoutout to Red and White Carter to finish off the American flag). But Beyoncé isn’t the only bee we’ve been bumbling on about here at the office. The forever incredible glowing honeybee has been a major topic of admiration.
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